30 Days to Make Your Peace

What would you do if you were told you had 30 days to make your peace?

Well that’s exactly what happened to me, sort of!

A while ago I met with a medical consultant who described a necessary procedure that I will be having the near future.

In outlining the risks involved, he triggered in my mind the seeds of my new program – “30 days to Peace of Mind”. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81094640841

In today’s 15 minute online session I will help you to get grounded so deeply that no news will distract or disturb you and I will help you to begin your journey to true and lasting peace in all areas of your life, your body abd in your mind.

Many people sons a lifetime seeing pathways and struggling to learn complicated ways to develop peace.

With me, as always we flow into peace like a swan gracefully heading towards its destination.

The first week is free, so join in with me and let’s get you started, creating true and lasting peace of body, peace of heart and peace of mind.

Join us today at 12:45  and don’t be left behind!

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