Who is Padraig King?

Padraig King, Coach, Trainer, Author, Consultant and Personal Development Programme Creator of 20+ years wants to help you rapidly turn your unique challenges into growth opportunities and experiences, guiding you through life toward peace of mind, happiness, confidence, calmness, relaxation, self-actualisation and prosperity.

This is personal coaching, guidance, and suport at its finest, with no stone or root-cause left unturned! Padraig’s own experiences of PTSD, bullying, isolation, stress and anxiety have led him to develop life-changing programmes, activities and strategies. Think of them as a shortcuts to your own inner strength, empowerment, fulfillmernt, and personal success.

He is a specialist in thought transformation! Strategies include talk therapy, easy-to-do physical activities and powerful visualisations. His aim? to teach your overloaded brain and nervous system that it’s ok to relax, and let go… to reset. and tro focus on creating the life and succcess that you were born to have.

Whether you are dealing with burnout, trauma, stress, anxiety, self-sabotage, purpose or overwhelm, Padraig’s person-centred approach will facilitate you to take back control.

Be empowered to move from passive por emotional reactions into positive affirmative decisions, self-confidence, and tro rediscover your inner joy!


Don’t worry – there’s no fixed formula! The beauty of working with Padraig is that he listens attentively to you, draws from his vast experience and wide randge of trainings and creates a unique ttransformation opportunity for you so that you can take control of your situation. He has helped thousands of others both on and off-line and he is ready, willing and able to help you, too


  • 95% of Padraig’s clients are trying to do it all, and be everything to everyone. This is exhausing and  many end up in burnout and exhaustion. He works internationally with individuals, families, and businesses who’ve hit the proverbial wall and need help developing the courage, skills and understanding to move through it to the success that lies just beyond where they are today.
  • “My sessions with Padraig King have brought a fresh depth, energy and power to my life. Work has become more meaningful, and my relationships have improved – all because of what he helped me to discover in myself.”

    “Over the years myself and my boys have had sessions with Padraig. We have left each session feeling positive and peaceful. I have grown as a person, and feel more able to cope with what life’s ups and downs by using the different strategies we developed together”

    “As we moved through our sessions Padraig coached me to start living my own life; to shed the shackles of guilt, shame and self-blame. I am definitely more content – my family noticed too!”


Coaching , Persoanl Appointments and Premium Experiences are available whenever and however you are on Zoom . Arrange your time with Padraig King on the day and at a time you choose,. to offer professional insight, guidance, and motivation.  

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I’m still not sure… If you have not experienced any change at the end of the 10 week program you get your money back. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Book your free call with Padraig today! Free Consultation

Do weeks go by when you don’t have time to breathe, let alone relax and be yourself?

Over the past few years we have been challenged by the everchanging conditions we face.

Many of us have two, three or more extra roles that keep us so busy that we have ignored ourselves, our personal, emotional and physical needs.


Padraig King recognises this and offers 2 hour premium self-care experiences for busy people like you.

To save you time and resources he offers these experiences in person in Boyle or by video calls.

You get a rare opportunity to reconnect with yourself, meet your own needs and to unwind in a safe and comfortable space at home or wherever you choose to connect with Padraig.

If you became too busy to look after your own needs, then choose the experience you need from the selection offered below, or contact Padraig King directly to request a bespoke experience that meets your exact needs.

Bespoke Premium Experience

Bespoke Premium Experience

When you attend courses, workshops, and even online training with Padraig King, you are tapping inro his unique understanding on how your brain and body work together to deliver results others only dream about.
Besides the top-class information and international certification, the continuous professional development, and CPD hours that may be required by your workplace, you get to spend quality time with Padraig King.
Padraig King’s 20+ of clinical experience and personal journey into wellness of body and mind have given him a special easy positivity and an energy that comes from deep within.
His goal in every training session, course and workshop is to pass on his knowledge, skills and understandings so that you leave empowered to use these confidently with family, friends and those you work with..

Touch for Health Course