Better To Be Born Lucky Than Rich


I had often heard of this expression but never fully appreciated it or understood it until yesterday morning.

Having risen early in anticipation of a journey into counties Limerick and Kerry where I hoped to connect with friends and relations I was filled with excitement as I would be seeing some people for the first time in a few years.

My excitement was such that I forgot my phone and so I was unable to capture the photographs that I might otherwise be sharing with you right now of the bight silver moon still high in the morning sky and the huge golden orb that was emerging from the fields and low hills of east Galway, or so it seemed as I rode my bicycle along the promenade in Salthill, on Galway Bay.

The beauty of the rising sun and the seeming coincidence of having the two main planets that light up our lives visible together, seemed to be offering a special message to me at this time of the Autumn Equinox. There was some sort of a balance here or a counterbalance between the lights of the day and night that spike to me at a primitive level like never before.

After my cycle I locked my bike to the railings and went down the steps from the “prom” to the few inches of sand left uncovered by the exceptionally high tide, changed and stepped into the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. As the tide was very high it took only six steps before the ocean had reached my waist and then I laid back and allowed the powerful waters to support me, trusting the Atlantic Ocean unconditionally.

As I lay there floating on the surface of this great body of salt water I stretched out my arms, one towards the rising sun and the other to the bright shining moon. Both were both gliding silently so gracefully across the sky. Something special seemed to happen … it was a magical experience and no words of mine could capture its power or meaning but it’s impact was profound ….

I lay there suspended between the heavens and the earth totally at peace and eventually closed my eyes and found myself in a deep state of gratitude for my blessings.

As I walked my bicycle home the expression “Better To Be Born Lucky Than Rich” suddenly cane to
Mind and finally understand just how lucky I am.