Running your own business, managing a family, or small business?

Then, you know what happens when you are having a bad day! 

Shift from constantly reacting to the ever changing world, to being intelligently responsive and in control.

Get 10 brain boosting hacks that you may use immediately and apply often throughout each day to  change outcomes, increase your energy, vitality and freedom.

Each brain booster offers  you a quick, easy and sure-fire way to overcome energy slumps, blockages, self sabotage, and negativity.


Scan or Click to Book your seat
Scan or Click to Book your seat

Need simple immediate activities that change your thinking, emotions, actions and even your self talk? 

In this 2 hour interactive and engaging training event, you will learn 10 easy and quick brain boosting activities that may be done while sitting, or on the move.

These have proven to have a positive effect on your brain and body.

Take back control of your emotions, your racing mind.

Feel grounded, centred and focused like never before.

Boost your business brain with brain hacks from Padraig King
Boost your business brain with brain hacks from Padraig King

Padraig King has been helping people across a wide range of businesses for more than 20 years to switch on their true potential and achieve results that they never dreamt possible.

Padraig King will facilitate you to start taking control of of your thoughts, emotions, actions and even choosing the right words to say, to make situations go your way.

The biggest asset your business has is you.

You generously bring your personality, attitude, knowledge and experience to the table.

However, the one part of you that drives your business is your business brain.

Keeping your business brain  clear, actively engaged, creative, flexible, focused and in the game, can be a challenge and that is why you need to learn some brain hacks to help boost your business brain.

Rapid Business Brain Boosters from Padraig King
Rapid Business Brain Boosters from Padraig King

Even with your extensive experience, and knowledge, you may need some fast, effective, efficient and easy ways to boost your business brain  that can be done in minutes but upgrade your thinking, help you take control of situations and power through the workload, to the outcome that satisfies and rewards.

In a two hour interactive and energising training session with international consultant, trainer, coach and author, Padraig King, you can learn to use and immediately apply 10 brain hacks that will deliver rapid returns on the time and energy invest you invest.

Be at the Spool Factory in Boyle to experience for yourself how quickly, safely, and easily you can not only raise your game, but take control of your thoughts, emotions, respond instead of react, and manage those sticky and awkward situations,  by boosting your business brain.

This is a highly interactive event.

Limited to 20 seats, you will enjoy a top quality experience. 

Eventbrite Reservation is essential. 

Investment: 2 hours / €97