Do weeks go by when you don’t have time to breathe, let alone relax and be yourself?

Over the past few years womwen have been hardest hit by the everchanging conditions we face.

Many women have two, three or more roles that keep them so busy that they have ignored themselves, their pwersonal, emotions and physical needs.

Statistics show that some women have even stopped buying clothes and makeup for themselves because they lost themselves being too busy looking after everybody else’s needs.

Padraig King recognises this and offers premium self-care experiences for Busy Women. 

To save you time and resources he offfers these exoeriences on Zoom. Here you get a rare opportunity to reconnect with yourself, meet your own needs and to unwind in a safe and comfortable space at home or whereever you choose to take the call.

If you became too busy to look after your own needs, then choose the experience you need from the selection offered beolow, or contact Padraig King directly to request a bespoke experience that meets your exact needs.