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Black Friday Specials


Light Up this Christmas for friends and family living at home and abroad with gifts of treatments by Padraig King !
Black Friday 2021 is upon us again and Christmas is just around rhe corner!
To help you find suitable gifts that are easy on the pocket, light on energy and good for the planet, which will be greatly appreciated, I am offering you 20% OFF the face value of every gift voucher/certificate purchased from me until midnight on Monday Nov 29th. https://King.ie/gift

Hope Day 2 of 30: Calming so that Hope Can Rise Up Within You

�️Watch this video and every other video as it is created and released each day on king.ie/hope
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Five Good Reasons for Peace of Mind

For a good portion of my life I lived with anxiety, stress, fears and always felt that inner peace was what I should be feeling… I know from experience that finding and living with inner peace is possible because I am living it now… You can book a free call with me or send me a message (+353861723510) and I’ll respond as soon as I’m available.