Studying for exams- Get the support you need to concentrate, focus and remember so that you can perform at your peak every time!

Studying for Exams

get the benefit of my experience all you have to do is book a free call with me and I will be delighted to discuss with you how I can help you and how I can help you can help yourself with simple practical activities that relax your body, calm your mind and help you leave worthy, panic and anxiety far behind.

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Are You Feeling Under Pressure?


How to Respond to the Pressure you Feel

If you are experiencing pressure it  may be from outside forces, work, family, friends, financial situations, illness or many other sources .

The important point to remember is that it is your choice to react to this pressure or to respond.

If you react then you attempt to push back or run away from the problem or source of pressure, or it may cause you to freeze up in total overload. You give away your freedom, your precious peace of mind, your energy and you become a victim.

When you choose to respond you take back control of your thoughts, words, energy,  actions and freedom.

To help you relax enough to break the cycle of fear, stress and pressure that you are experiencing so that you can reset and start to respond, I have created a visualisation just for you.

If your best friend was going through a similar period of pressure you’d advise them to relax and now it is time to take your own advice.

Do for yourself what you’d gladly do for a good friend, take the time to listen and enjoy the positivity, the peace and the freedom that this visualisation brings. Then you will be in s positive frame of mind and the many ways you might respond will become clearer to you .

Feeling under pressure? Let Padraig King help you take back your energy, freedom and peace of mind. The visualisation offered here is designed to help you move beyond fear and into a space where your mind is energised, creative and clear.

In this space possibilities abound and it is here that you can clearly find solutions that elude you while fear grips your heart and mind  and blocks you from achieving success.

Click, close your eyes,  listen and then respond.


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