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Why Should I Ask You to Help Me With My Anxiety?

I’m often asked “Padraig, can you help me with my stress and anxiety ?” The short answer is yes. My speciality is Switching OFF Anxiety and Stress. I can do this safely, easily and quickly because I understand anxiety from the inside out! Book a free call and see how I can help you. https://www.king.ie/call-free
For years I lived in constant fear, stressed and anxious. I didn’t need anyone to bully me! I was doing a great job myself and it kept on running night and day, until I changed…. Instead of a nonstop competition running day and night between my self-justification monologue, a vengeance monologue, a self reproach and self loathing dialogue and other other negative voices all shouting at me in my mind!

This is Why You Need to Rewire Your Brain

In “Rewire Your Brain for Success” you get the safest path, the easiest climb, the most comfortable experience, the most successful efficient and effective way to reach your goal with the least amount of energy and resources possible.

That’s why you need to Rewire your Brain for Success with me, Padraig King . Let me take you step by step up the ladders to achieve the wellness, success and happiness you desire.
Learn more at https://king.ie
WhatsApp message me on +353861723510
Or book a free call with me today and let’s do this the easy way!

Boost Your Brain – You Cannot Afford to Miss This!

10 Brain Boosters from Padraig King +353861723510 king.ie These activities, loved by young and old, make it easier for you to switch on your best performances in relationships, work, education, sport or just doing the things you enjoy!

Webinar Panellist and Professional Online Trainer

Need a presenter with a strong track record of delivering practical, actionable interactive Webinars and Online Meetings with highest approval ratings?

Anxiety Can Be Switched Off – with the right approach!

Invitation to a free conversation about your Anxiety from Padraig King Stress Eliminator Book Your FREE Conversation Answer Honestly…. Have you been anxious? Been stressed? Then become relaxed again? The truth is that everybody feels anxious at times, but for some people the anxiety becomes stuck! They find it difficult to relax and feel peaceful […]

Training Workshops

Join us for an exclusive weekend of Transformation, Deep Relaxation, Peace and Total Dedication to creating the new mindset that will guarantee you live a more meaningful and successful life from now on.
Experience the success that your heart desires. Transform your thinking. Eliminate your blockages,.Switch on your own inner power to create the future that you have dreamt of but bot yet created. Release your full potential and embrace a life of freedom, choice, abundance of time, energy and the leisure to spend it with family, friends and those you care for. Enjoy all of this and so much more in the company of like minded people while under the guidance and watchful eye of Padraig King! Booking Deposit €47 ( non refundable) |Early Bird Rate to 26/7/2019 €397 | Standard Rate €497|Weekend Standard Rate €497