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Fear Paralysis Reflex Integration Method

The FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX may be the real underlying reason and with a simple integration strategy that I have developed and used successfully over the past 20 this can be changed, fear diminished as true joy and freedom are experienced for the very first time! Https://king.ie/fpr

Storm Barra Destroys Prices

as storm Barra batters Ireland and the UK you can relax at home and get all your gifts for Christmas , Birthdays and special occasions at https://king.ie/shop
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Black Friday Specials


Light Up this Christmas for friends and family living at home and abroad with gifts of treatments by Padraig King !
Black Friday 2021 is upon us again and Christmas is just around rhe corner!
To help you find suitable gifts that are easy on the pocket, light on energy and good for the planet, which will be greatly appreciated, I am offering you 20% OFF the face value of every gift voucher/certificate purchased from me until midnight on Monday Nov 29th. https://King.ie/gift

Hope Day 2 of 30: Calming so that Hope Can Rise Up Within You

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November is traditionally a month of “despair” which means without hope, so it is my hope that if you tune in each day that I may spark your inner hope in some way and help you to move forwards towards your ultimate life goal, whatever that is for you( even if you haven’t a clue a present). 30 days of hope with Padraig King king.ie/hope

Who does he think he is?

If you are having a hard time figuring out yourself or others then it may help to spend a few minutes chatting with me. I usually offer insights and a different perspective that can be helpful. Book a free chat with me now by clicking this link. https://King.ie/free-call

Unlock the secret resources of your mind with Padraig King

What are your secret resources?
How will you ever know, if you don’t explore them?
Where are your secret resources?
These resources lies just beyond the areas that you have explored up to now. However, you might wander about for years abd not find them. With a little guidance and help you can explore your hidden gifts, talents, resources and abilities.
Are you ready to unlock your secret resources?
If you are ready to explore the secret resources of your mind and to start using these in your day today life, then contact me and we can set up our first session and start to optimise your mind in readiness for unlocking your secret resources. https://King.ie/free-call

Five Good Reasons for Peace of Mind

For a good portion of my life I lived with anxiety, stress, fears and always felt that inner peace was what I should be feeling… I know from experience that finding and living with inner peace is possible because I am living it now… You can book a free call with me or send me a message (+353861723510) and I’ll respond as soon as I’m available.

What Chemical Controls Your Mindset?

Your mindset is determined by the dominant chemicals produced in your brain and body. All your thoughts and emotions are created and supported only as long as certain chemicals are present in sufficient quantities. Learn more at king.ie/what-chemical