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Recent Research Supports Rewiring Your Brain for Success

When I work with my clients I help them to not only produce changes in dopamine production, adjust and regulate many of the chemicals that control thinking and behaviour, emotions and activity, but to reprogram the way that they think, feel, respond and behave so that they can improve the quality of their lives in the most natural and peaceful way. If you, or people you care about are having difficulty with stress anxiety, fear or with making Decisions, Memory, concentration or just being present, then book a free phone consultation with me and explore what I can do for you. https://King.ie/shop

Brain Gym Works

Brain Gym Works Need help with learning, concentration, studying, memory, comprehension, reading, spelling, writing, maths, movement patterns, balance or coordination? As an internationally accredited Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology Consultant and Trainer Padraig King has gained a strong reputation as a specialist in facilitating rapid changes in how your brain operates. In his work with […]

Where is Your Anxiety Coming From?

https://king.ie/SwitchingFEAR is an acronym for F alse E vidence and Imaginings A ppearing R eal All Your Anxiety comes from fear. Fear can come from various sources. It can be triggered by Fears and worries picked up from others by contagion Yourself  in your mind when you have an internal conflict over meeting the “shoulds” […]