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Control the Pressure you Feel

Are You Feeling Under Pressure?

Feeling under pressure? Let Padraig King help you take back your energy, freedom and peace of mind. The visualisation offered here is designed to help you move beyond fear and into a space where your mind is energised, creative and clear. In this space possibilities abound and it is here that you can clearly find solutions that elude you while fear grips you and blocks you from achieving success.

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Restore Your Peace of Mind with Padraig King

Restore your Peace of Mind

How to Have Peace of Mind- Padraig King delivers four simple activities and a six minute visualisation to help you have peace of mind in an ever changing world. This is a recording from a live zoom presentation delivered on 15-3-2022 It ends with a guided visualisation, which is also supplied separately as a bonus video, so that you can click and close your eyes as Padraig King takes you on a short journey along the water's edge to calm your body, relax your mind and focus your energy on Peace of Mind. Running Order: 00:00 Introduction – 2 Main Sources of Distress that affect people right now (March 2022) 03:45 Beginning - Many people have become insecure, but you can take back control 5:47 Activity 1 - Imprint your positivity and Peace into the water you take 8:31 Activity 2 - Inhale the intention of peace and positivity with your oxygen 11:50 Activity 3 – Filter your Thoughts 13:47 Summary - Revised the first 3 Activities 14:48- Activity 4 – Stress Release Holds to the front and back of your head 15:57 Visualisation - Relax into stillness and enjoy a stroll on the beach to refresh your body, mind and soul 19:30 Still-point in the Visualisation 22:02 End

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