Learn how to reclaim your time, sleep, energy and positivity

Don’t let

time excuses

stop you!

Time is precious and you need to know how to manage it or a lot of your day can be wasted doing things that diminish and distract you. 

Learn some easy ways to manage your time, focus your attention and get more done in half the time.

Live Online Training at 9pm

simple strategies

Padraig King offers you simple strategies that make it easy to get more done in half the time

Easy Activities

Learn simple activities you can do any time, anywhere to have more energy and get more done each day

tried and tested

Using his tried and tested approaches, activities and strategies Padraig King will help you to boss your time

no time wasters

As this event is not free, time wasters and hangers-on will be eliminated, leaving only those who are serious about learning to use their time effectively and efficiently


How it works is so simple

reserve your place

With limited places this training is perfect for you. No time wasting. Just positive steps, activities and ways to make life easier for you.

log in to the zoom meeting

Five minutes before the training is due to begin, click the link in the email you will receive and you are in

Start using it

All of the training in the world won't change your attitudes, beliefs or behaviours. You have to put it into practice. Do so and feel the difference!

What others have said...

Training is recorded for your benefit and convenience

It is said that we remember only a portion of what we see and hear in online training.

To maximise your learning opportunities Padraig King will record his end of the training session.

You may download, review, and replay it as often as you wish for yourself. once you receive your unique link  to the recording. 

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