Five Good Reasons for Peace of Mind


5 Good Reasons for Peace of Mind

For a good portion of my life I lived with anxiety, stress, fears and always felt that inner peace was what I should be feeling.

I’d catch glimpses of inner peace as I sat by a still lake on a could-less day and watched as the birds flew about, the bees droned and the  sunlight shimmered on the water surface. Here there seemed to be moments where I felt peaceful.


It wasn’t only when my life was turned upside down that I realised  how important peace of mind is for all of us and why I have dedicated my time, energy and resources to offer people like you an easy pathway to peace of mind.


I know from experience that finding and living with inner peace is possible because I am living it now.


After my accident in 2001 I was paralysed and completely dependent for a period of time

I used the time to analyse my life and what was truly important to me.


Once I realised how important peace of mind was I set about finding ways to achieve it and over the following year as I gradually regained my mobility, my stress and my independence again I put peace of mind front and centre in everything I did.


Gradually I got more and more peaceful inside and packed up my fine safe secure job to help people like you to feel calm, relaxed and happy. Over the past 20 years I have been honoured and privileged to help thousands of children, teens and adults to find peace and in the process I have become very experienced in making this happen.


Over the years my strategy has changed from wiring physically on people’s muscles and posture and then gradually helping them to relax, yo now where I relax their mind first, then the body relaxes and before they know it they are “floating peacefully above y troubles so that I can see a clear path  forwards” as one lady said recently.


So when I am speaking anoiyg peace of mind I don’t come ftom an academic or theoretical point of view, but draw on my own personal experience as well as the combined wisdom I have gathered from more than 20 tears of helping stressed and anxious people to become calm, relaxed and happy.


Inner peace is important is important for many reasons but here are my top 5 .


  1. Peace of mind allows you to  to focus your mind. In today’s world there are many distractions which cause us anxiety and worry. The anxiety and worry which you feel is counter-productive and causes you to lose focus on yourself, your family, your wellness and your quality of life . Inner peace teaches us the proper coping  methods so that we can turn our anxiety and worry into action steps, while maintaining the focus of our mind on what is truly important in our lives.


  1. Peace of mind helps you to develop patience with others, tolerance, empathy and understanding especially wouou are dealing with people more stressed out than you, because you remember how trapped and miserable you felt when you lived like this. Peace of mind allows you to be patient and tolerant of the views of others without the need to correct them or to become  angry or to  react to their actions or opinions.
  2. Peace of mind provides you with the opportunity to sleep more deeply and to restore your body and mind overnight. So many people don’t sleep well, wane angry and trudge through the day dreading the night ahead and miss the opportunity to live in the moment, be fully alive, energised and making the most of their time with loved ones.  Peace of mind triggers the happy chemicals  to be produced throughout your brain and body and these ensure you get a good nights sleep and wake refreshed , energised sbd ready to embrace the day with entry, hope and a desire to not just be helpful but a willingness to make life mire meaningful for yourself and those you care about.
  3. Peace of mind  enables you to enjoy your moments of happiness. Happiness is often a fleeting emotion although an emotion abd sadly many people miss out on experiencing it for long periods of time. Having an inner peace and therefore less stress and anxiety allows us to more deeply feel our happy moments. By peacefully living we can develop our senses if gratitude for what we have already achieved and received as well as hope for even better days ahead.
  4. Peace of mind may help to improve our relationships with those we know avd even with strangers. When we feel at peace inside we have a greater sense if trust in ourselves, in the universe and in those we meet throughout the day. We are less suspicious, more open abd more trusting. This generally brings out the best in ourselves avd in others. It makes the wolf a happier , safer place where petiole tend to lol out for each other, care, share abd be there for each other.


Once you realise that peace of mind is freely available to you then you too can have a more peaceful life . The reasons why inner peace is important are many! Above I gave you 5 reasons why I believe it is important. Send me your reasons.


If you are getting ready to explore or develop  your peace of mind, then I would be honored to help you to become calmer, more relaxed and happier in yourself and to guide you to experience deep and lasting peace of mind.


You can book a free call with me or send me a message (+353861723510) and I’ll respond as soon as I’m available.