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Do you, your partner or child have problems because of the FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX?

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The FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX is the deepest of all reflexes. It represents our most basic instinct for survival.

When we get shocked we have four primary reactions that protect us,  Fight, Flight, Freeze and Flock.

Any or all of these four reactions may kick in instantly and depending on circumstances may not switch off for some time.
When the FREEZE reaction stays in operation it can trigger many restrictions in a persons life. Many children, teens and adults can be aware that they are petrified but not know the real source of their anxiety and stress.
The FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX may be the real underlying reason and with a simple integration strategy that I have developed and used successfully over the past 20 this can be changed.

Fear can be diminished and true joy and freedom may experienced for the very first time!

This video offers the general instructions to integrate the FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX .
Follow the guidelines and if you need more help then contact me fpr@king.ie


Resetting the FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX is easy with Padraig King