What is stopping at you from being happy?


What’s stopping you from being happy?


No one stole your happiness! No one can steal your peace of mind! However you can become so busy and preoccupied with details that you become overwhelmed and lose sight of your inner peace and happiness. Maybe you have let this happen to you.


The secret to your peace of mind and real  happiness lies in making the choices and setting the priorities that enable you to live in a balanced way no matter what happens each night and day. If you allow your mond to

Rin free it may become busy dealing with worries and anxiety. Your mind is predisposed  and wired to be at peace, to help you feel contentment and fulfilment. However, when you are shocked, frightened, angry or upset your mind us programmed to take you into survival mode and to remain there until the danger has psssed.


If the danger, pressure ( internal or external) does not go away then your body sbd mind become fixated in a state of emergency where your system all worked to keep you alive but pull the resources away from your pleasure centres and focus your attention on worst cases scenarios. You are programmed to catastrophsise.


The way back from here is to reset your systems, switch off yiur brain svd restart it,. Then to choose your priorities, set clear goals and start living in a balanced way. We are all practicing living and frequently we get it wrong but the mark of intelligence is to learn from our experiences so we get better at keeping our balance, peace  and happiness no matter how much the world is pounding at our door .


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