Do you suffer from Hot Flushes or are you Cold all of the time?


To quickly and safely regulate your temperature as well as your hormones which create these conditions, then I suggest that you fold you arms, Place your ring fingers on the triple warmer points on your forearms, cross your ankles, and suck gently on the roof of your mouth while closing your eyes and picturing the positive outcome that you want to achieve. Breathe very slowly and gently through your nose until you arrive at the desired temperature and then  top up using the same technique,  as required,  throughout day and at night. It usually takes a minute or two to bring back your normal temperature and to restore you to feeling like yourself, again.


This point is the width of your four fingers below the elbow and on the outer side of your fore arm. Move your ring finger about until you feel a sensitivity or sore point and gently but firmly hold this point as described above. Acupuncturists call this Triple Warmer 9. The point is shown as the insertion point of the needle in this image.