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Are you under attack?
Are you aware that you are being attacked?
Do you feel it?
What part of you is hurting?
Who is attacking you?
Is the attack from outside or from within your body and mind?

Because we have grown so used to being under attack, the assault can become normalised and forms part of our day to day living. Physical attacks by others, sarcasm, gaslighting, oppressive and controlling behaviour can be so pervasive that we can not see many of their effects on us. If you have grown up scared, scarred or “walking on eggshells” to avoid an outburst from a parent or sibling, teacher or so called friend, then much of the damage done is invisible to yourself but it affects the way you see the world and the kind of relationship you have with yourself and others as well as the way you see what happens around you.

If your self confidence and self esteem have been eroded by bullies then you will not approach new situations and challenges with the positivity or freedom to be creative that would allow you to enjoy these because part of you will resist any change. Warn change is forced on you then you will see it as a personal attack and feel hurt to the core and resit it more and more.

How can you break this cycle of fear? Well it may be difficult for you to overcome it and to feel safe both internally and in the world a d relationships that you have. The central security that we all have may be so hidden from you that you can no longer reassure yourself and you feel permanently sad, frightened and that everything you do and are is a failure.

If you want to break free of failure, torture and experience peace of mind then may I invite you to chat with me so that I can help you reestablish your inner security as a first step to living a peaceful, happy life where you feel safe and no longer feel like everything is wrong in your life and that you have made a mess of your life. I’m not a psychologist, a counsellor or a psychiatrist. Just someone with a deep understanding of your pain and how to restore you to peace and happiness again.

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