Brain Gym was introduced to Ireland over forty years ago by Kay Mc Carroll. It was then taught and presented as Educational Kinesiology, impressing many people with its effectiveness in bringing about positive changes in their lives. However, due to increased sensitivity about physical contact with children and the establishment of new boundaries, a non-contact format was devised.

In 1998, Padraig King was introduced to the old-style Educational Kinesiology, which involved muscle testing and a therapist providing treatment to each individual. As a primary school teacher, he recognized that this model was not suitable for school settings, where he believed it could greatly benefit students. He set out to find ways of using Brain Gym without physical contact, guiding children, teenagers, and adults seeking assistance to use the strategies and techniques through noticing, biofeedback, and questioning. By establishing what was needed to overcome their challenges, and once they engaged in the transformative activities, noticeable changes occurred in their attitude, behavior, performance, freedom of movement, and confidence in speaking.

Using these modifications, he began implementing Brain Gym in the school where he worked and witnessed remarkable improvements in many pupils.

In 2002, Padraig King attended a Brain Gym Course taught by Gillian Hindshaw and Alan Heath in the UK, held at the University of Bristol. This course provided him with the latest Brain Gym techniques, information, and approaches at that time.

Recognizing the value of both Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym, Pádraig invited David Hubbard, a renowned international faculty instructor, to come to Ireland and start training people in Brain Gym. The first course took place in October 2022 at All Hallows College in Dublin with 18 teachers participating.

As the demand for Brain Gym courses grew in the following years and David Hubbard was occupied with other commitments, Gillian Hindshaw, an internationally accredited Brain Gym Instructor, was invited from the UK to teach Brain Gym courses in Ireland as well.

By the end of 2004, Padraig King had become an internationally accredited Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant in his own right. Since then, he has been seeing clients full-time, both in person and through online platforms like Zoom. He has taught numerous courses and developed his own popular personal growth and development programs details one of which you can find here Take Back Control of Your Life

Several Irish individuals have trained as Brain Gym Educational Kinesiology Consultants, and as Padraig King retires from teaching Brain Gym in his training base in Boyle , it is hoped that some of them will step up to become instructors and continue the work of training parents, teachers, coaches, and others who have benefited from Brain Gym.

The final Brain Gym course in Boyle is currently open for booking.

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