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Hope, Peace, Health and Happiness

See Why People Suffering From Stress and Anxiety and Those Experiencing Sleepless Nights Are Excited Over This Breakthrough Program That Cuts Through Your Pain and Returns You to Peace, Health and Happiness in 30 Days

It is no secret that the peace of mind is in short supply and has been eroded by the fears of COVID 19 and subsequent variants, but thanks to this new easy listening, relaxation program you can save thousands of dollars on therapies, medications and save you4 sanity.



In the living memory of mankind there has never been a greater threat to peace of mind, physical and mental wellness than the pandemic of fear that we have experienced since later 2019.

It’s very apparent that we as human beings face a double crisis – a lack of confidence and deep anxiety which have bo5h been exacerbated by months of disruption and isolation.

Both the lack of hope and the confusion between leaders in business groups, government and medical experts have led to delays, frustration and distrust, each unwittingly giving the other a cover to do little or nothing to help the ordinary person.
Big bodies move slowly and ha e always worked with the m@xim, “Everything is fine. We don’t need to make changes.”


Padraig King, has had enough and decided to act in response to hundreds of requests from exhausted and burnt out people who need to stay productive, positive and want go once again experience peace of mind and get a good night’s sleep. In his new program he offers a series of easy listening visualisations that are delivered daily to relax the body, calm the mind, build back the strength and confidence of listeners and that have been restoring a sense of happiness and peace to all those participating.

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