How to achieve your goals and experience success


So many people spend energy chasing their dreams but don’t know how to convert their dreams to their reality.

Here I will outline a simple process that has proven to be successful for many of my clients and in my own life.

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Step 1, Decide whether what you are dreaming of is a wish, a desire, a dream or a need. It is only when you do this that your systems inside understand where you your priorities lie

Step 2, Once the specific outcome has become your top priority then your entire  brain, body and creative energy can be focused on making this your reality. The best way to do this can be to either draw a picture of it on paper , take a photograph or clip images from magazines or online that represent the outcome you want and place these in view throughout your day at work , at home and at play. Some people like to create a vision board , others use the image as the background on their phone, ipad or laptop. In this way it is always being seen even when you unaware of it.

Step 3, Engage both sides of your brain  in the process of transforming your desired outcome from a thought to a reality. We do this by visualising exactly what it will look like when you already have achieved  the desired outcome . Spend time picturing your life, with this outcome as your reality. Each and every time you spend a moment pre-living  and pre-experiencing your dream outcome you are energising yourself and creating the internal motivation to achieve it. As you do this a sense of achievement, warmth and confidence begin to grow inside of you that trigger a creative energy release that opens up your mind to see possibilities and opportunities that elude you while locked in the grip of fear and while you  remain the victim of circumstances.

Step 4, Once you have experienced this sense of inner calm ,confidence and successfully pre-experience and pre-lived having achieved your outcome, then  it becomes important to word a goal that will engage every molecule of your body,  mind and spirit to make this happen.

Through years of experience I have  refined the goal setting process and have found that the most successful goal wording follows a specific formula.
My top priority goal is to safely and easily, happily and comfortably, efficiently and effectively ( goal phrase: e.g. live in my new house, e.g. enjoy my work, e.g. have a relationship that fulfils me, etc”)

Keeping your goal phrase which describes your specific desired outcome  as simple and specific as possible allows your entire being, both conscious and subconscious,  to understand and prioritise where to put your creative energy so that you can attract the right people and opportunities that will support you to create your desired outcome.

Breaking  down the successful goal wording  formula-

  • “safely and easily” helps to engage your primitive brain and survival systems that sense opportunities for pleasure, food and safety.
  • “happily and comfortably” engages the part of your brain that helps you to integrate into your community, explore relationships and find those people , places and activities that bring you most pleasure, peace and prosperity.
  • “efficiently and effectively” helps yo engage both your logical and creative minds so that you can gather together all of the relevant information and use it in conjunction with your knowledge, wisdom and best  instincts  to create a way to make this outcome your new reality.
  • goal phrase” helps to focus your energy, time and resources in to creating a clear and specific outcome

Step 5, Tell everybody what your desired outcome is so that they can share your journey and accompany you as you make progress and accept their help when you need it. Putting your desired outcome out into the universe and into your community is like a business advertising- it attracts the right people and opportunities into your life to make your dream come true.  Get busy advertising for the very specific outcome you want, and put this ad everywhere possible. |Describe it in detail so everybody is clear about what you want, need and desire. e.g. If searching for house to buy or rent you might say “House wanted to buy or rent- three bedrooms, south facing garden and driveway to accommodate two cars. Close to secondary school, shops and playing fields.”


Step 6,  “To the grateful heart is given more abundance than they need” Start giving thanks at every opportunity to the universe, your god, or good fortune, for the opportunities and abundances that you have already had in your life are not already doing so begin paying forward. 

Paying forward is a concept and activity where you freely give help to others to assist them to achieve their desired outcomes. The old adage “What goes around comes around” is certainly true and in time you too will receive the help you need to bridge divide between wanting and having your desired outcome in your life.


Step 7,  Dedicate time each day to visualise having the desired outcome already in your life. pre-experience it, pre-live it and get so familiar with what it feels like to have this in your life that you begin to act, feel, think and believe that you have already achieved it.

In this way you generate the readiness to receive and accept the desired outcome. Skipping this step can lead to self sabotage and a refusal of opportunities and assistance that would have delivered your desired outcome.

If you would like my help and assistance in setting or clarifying your goal , wording it or removing self sabotage that has blocked you from achiving success then your first step is a free chat with me. Book a time below when I’m available to speak with you.