Meet Julia

Meeting Julia

Julia is a friend that I hadn’t seen since before the lockdown.  I met her in town yesterday and we stopped for a chat at a social distance.

“So what have you been up to Padraig?” She asked.

Read what I told her and see what I showed her!

Padraig King on Zoom Call

Padraig King on Zoom Call

I replied “Well Julia, I have been busy with clients on the phone and on zoom and I have been finally catching up on things that were put on the long finger like getting my website redesigned to make it faster and easier to use.”

Then I invited her to “ just type in king.ie “ and I showed her that she could get my new training programs,  read my ebooks and download my free audios and how she could BOOK sessions with me

New-Look website - Check it out at king.ie

New-Look website – Check it out!

“Right”, said Julia,  “but what can you do for me if I’m not in the room with you?”.

“I am able to sort out every issue that I used to deal with in clinics including muscles, backs and other physical problems, as well as providing deep relaxation sessions. In fact I’m also helping many people from all over the world to rewire their brains, to delete stress and traumas, and to improve their concentration, confidence and peace of mind.”

“But how do you rewire their brains if they are not in the room with you? Does it hurt and what’s involved?”

“I listen carefully to you, figure out where your underlying issues lie.  Then I get you to relax deeply by showing you some points to hold on your body and when you are fully relaxed and feeling safe, comfortable and ready I guide you to change how you think and feel inside so that you can think , feel, behave and speak in ways that you always wanted to express, but couldn’t.”

“ Wow that is really great and I’m just looking here, your website looks so different, so professional!” she said as she browsed it on her phone, “Where do you book sessions and calls?”

Book your Free Call or session with Padraig King here

Book your Free Call or session with Padraig King

“Right up at the top it says BOOK ONLINE, or click Calls on the menu,  but look if you are not sure, just ring or send me a quick text or WhatsApp and I’ll sort you out”.

Thank you, Regards, Padraig

Thank you, Regards, Padraig

Thank you for reading this story and I’m hoping that you like my new-look website. Explore and send me your feedback 

Padraig King

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