Live Right Now


Live right in the light and in the darkness of the night



We all need to hear and to be heard

To see and to be seen

To feel and to be felt

To think, and be thought of

We all want to be respected, but do we respect?

A great thinker, 2000 years ago, gave us the Beatitudes

These were a set of crystallised guidelines on how to “live” with the “right” attitude for “Being”

We all want people to give us time but do we make time for them,

and more importantly do we make time for ourselves, our deeper selves…

Can we become so busy doing, that we lose sight of being?

How often do we postpone joy, peace, freedom and being present with ourselves, with others,  and with nature because we have put a higher value on something that we “simply have to do” ?

If today was your only day remaining what would happen to your current priorities?

I have been blessed with a number of near-death moments that have sharpened my awareness of the need to live today, in my way, to be present and awake to opportunities,  to be present in nature, to be in the real presence of significant others like you right now…

Wake up,  and allow yourself to see today as the truly important day that it is ….

Live every second like it is your last

…. Do what really needs to be done now…

ask for forgiveness and send it from the depths of your heart …

Give thanks for the gifts that you have received,  no matter how little or how much you valued them… gifts like your  life, light, your 5 senses, food, water, pleasure, peace or heart and mind…

Recognise and acknowledge your family – no matter how twisted your relationships are, were or have become  –

Acknowledge your teachers and influencers, and recognise  that you too have a strong influence in the way that you live and “be” a human being…

You are the keeper of breath in your body…, the keeper of thoughts in your mind… you are the only person responsible for passing on your distilled wisdom and appreciation for life, for nature, for people and your role in managing the energy and resources of this universe….

When a butterfly flaps it’s wings in a far off country …

imagine,  most butterflies live one to three days at most…

Look at the influence that they have on our thinking, and in the beauty they bring to everywhere they move, in their environment…

How will you influence this planet’s energy… will you be a drain that soaks out energy or a generator and curator who plants the seeds of love, joy, hope, peace and happiness?

Will you be present, for long enough right now, to hear even one person’s real story – not the concoctions that we constantly construct out of our emotional reactions to life events, but the heart story…the story of loss, of triumph, of peace, of passion, of their survival and what they have learned…

Will you listen to one plant? One insect? One animal and hear it’s cry for help or listen to it’s song of love and hope?

Of all the creatures on this planet we are most like water ….  We can morph and change rapidly …. We can move mountains with the force of our hopes and faith .. We can fly higher than the moon… change hearts and minds… plant, reap, cook and mange resources more efficiently than almost every other creature …. We can be solid like an iceberg, vapour like a fluffy white cloud, forceful like a raging torrent and peaceful like a lake or a sea of tranquility…

With great gifts and freedoms like these, comes a great responsibility…

Look around and see the beauty of where you are right now ….

like the light is about to go out,  all daylight is about to disappear and all you will have left is the memory…

Take snapshots of the beauty all around you .. in nature, in smiles, in pure hearts and great minds.. in people living lives of all kinds…

As summer is ending and winter will soon be upon us, let us stop living in hope of a better Spring and a great harvest next year.

Harvest the NOW!

Be now!

Live now!

Feel now!

See now!

Hear now!

Taste now!

Smell now!

Breathe now!

Be Now!

Breathe and inhale now and treat each breath as if it is your very last…  and before you exhale it, decide what will you need to BE, so that you leave your mark on history?

Start LIVING  your life as if every breath is your last …

Be fully present!

Be fully alert!