You: Hey Padraig! Hope you’re doing well. I’ve been struggling with concentration and memory lately. Do you know of any effective ways to improve

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Assess your confidence

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Confidence Level Questionnaire Confidence Level Questionnaire How confident are you in handling unexpected changes or disruptions in your plans? 1 2 3 4 5 How

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Concentration Booster with Padraig King
2021 SMARTER Concentration Made Easy
Padraig King

Concentration Made Easy

My approach to boosting your concentration is at three levels :
Firstly I help you to calm down your physical body and make it feel comfortable and safe from attack.
Secondly, I help you to change and then down- regulate the stress chemicals that your body has been producing and increase the “happy” chemicals.
Finally, I help you to find the triggers that caused you to react in the way you have been doing and to change these reactions to responses by rewiring your brain by getting you to do simple activities and listen to a bespoke visualisation that helps you to take back full control of your thoughts, actions, energy and emotions.

See how this works for you or your child when you book your first appointment at

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Training opportunities with Padraig King
Padraig King

Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities with Padraig King- Free Events, Gatherings and Courses online and in Boyle.

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Eco-green gifts
Padraig King

Get the entire series

Over the past while I have recorded my contributions to the Gatherings of Empaths.

These are now stored as a series of videos created to help you clear away the emotional and other baggage that you may have picked up from others unwittingly, because you may have been super sensitive to their energy, emotions, needs and suffering.

Once you move beyond fear,m anxiety and overwhelm you are then facilitated with activities and empowering visualisations to become your whole self.

As yourself you can choose to lead a full and rewarding life aware of the needs, energy and emotions of others, but no longer experiencing overload, self-sabotage and burnout.

Own the full series, download, watch, listen and experience the transformations taking place inside your body, mind and spirit immediately.

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