When we are in overdrive, overwhelmed or we are feeling dreadful, we sometimes plough ahead regardless and unconsciously hold our breath, making life much more difficult for ourselves!

Your power comes from your breath. You can test this statement for yourself at any time by lifting, for example, a chair as you breathe in and notice it weight.
Lift it again as you hold your breath and notice the difference.
When you lift the chair as you exhale you will find that you can lift it higher and that the chair feels much lighter.

Every time that you need to accomplish something, it is best to be exhaling as you do it.

To help you to breathe more peace and relaxation into your days and nights I have created this one minute video for you.

Click here to tune in and if you like it, then please be my guest and download it .

Let me know if it helps you in any way, today!