Brain Gym Course 2023


The Brain Gym course will take place in Boyle.

It offers you fast and easy ways to improve memory, concentration, organisation, communication, coordination, balance, reding, writing, literacy skills, physical literacy, and ways to tune up tour brain and booty to produce your best performance all day, every day.

Brain Gym gives you the tools you need to be totally present, focused and to live your best life right now.

Attend the course for yourself and help mothers to improve by using Brain Gym with you. Suitable for use with all ages and ability levels Brain Gym is used globally to make learning, movement and brain functioning more efficient and effective.

With no exams and a positive safe learning space for all this inclusive course is perfect for you.


Watch video  introduction by Padraig King


Build Your Best Brain



Brain Gym® equips people of all ages and abilities with the right moves to reach goals in education, sports, relationships and in business that they never thought possible. Make learning, living and communicating easier with Brain Gym

The Brain Gym® course is a holistic system based on the principles of kinesiology( the science of movement) and learning theory, developed by learning specialist Dr. Paul E. Dennison.

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Improve reading with Brain Gym

Using just 26 designed movement activities that trigger the brain and body to respond rather than react Brain Gym helps people reach their peak performance safely, easily and quickly.

The Brain Gym® program offers a proven approach that addresses and incorporates the often overlooked physical components of learning — visual, auditory, motor, and stress management skills.

What started as a method to help remedial learners become stronger readers, is now an internationally recognised program that has helped thousands of people in over 80 countries around the world discover their peak mental and inner strength and use this to learn, move, live and love in ways taht would otherwise be impossible.The Brain Gym® program is made up of 26 activities, along with several other movement-based techniques that help address balance, posture, and coordination skills associated with daily life success.

Synchronize your system for better comprehension, focus, organization, communication, and emotional health.

Brain Gym® is used in schools, corporations, elder facilities, athletic training programs, as well as for personal and professional growth

This Brain Gym® course is presented as a live training course over two weekends in Boyle and a follow up practice day.

No previous experience is necessary, just bring your own brain as you will learn to use it more efficiently and effectively!

Learn how to work with your brain, its strengths and abilities. Learn how to help others to use their brain to learn more easily, commuincate more effectively and participate more fully in their lives, making better decisions and moving forward with courage and purpose.

Simple natural techniques developed by Dr. Paul Dennison and made simple enough to be used by a child of 4 years of age or younger.

(12-18 year olds who wish to attend must be accompanied by a participating adult. (Whatsapp+353861723510 for special discount rates)

Learn Brain Gym for yourself, your family, your class, team or to

Build Your Best Brain

boost performance in business, sports, communications and sales.

Ideal course for parents, classroom teachers, classroom assistants, learning support teachers, resource teachers, advocates for people with disabilities, adult learners, student, mature students, NALA, in fact, anybody who wishes to learn to take full control over how they think, feel, behave and communicate.
This course is delivered by Padraig King who adds practical examples, anecdotes and his own tricks and shortcuts to what is already a fascinating course.

Internationally Recognised Certificate awarded and 16 / 32 CPD hours available.(Continuous Professional Development, Life Long Learning

Limited places so book yourself and a friend in now. (Whatsapp+353861723510 for special group discounts)

Build Your Best Brain

Brain Gym® is a registered trademark and Padraig King is an International Trainer and Consultant

Build Your Best Brain
Stress and anxiety limit learning. In this course you will learn some strategies and activities to help you,  and and those you care for to become more relaxed and actively involved in productive and creative learning.

Padraig King BEd MA(Ed), is a former teacher with years of experience in classrooms, Learning Support and Resource.

He will present simple activities from Brain Gym along with other relevant information that you can use in your home, school, workplace and throughout your life.

Stress automatically creates divisions in the brain as many areas try to take control of your thoughts, emotions actions and communication.  Mind chatter, stress and anxiety are the battle ground between these areas all trying to force the other areas into submission.

Brain Gym activities may help to reunite the brain and to restore brain integration so that you respond appropriately rather than react from fear as the various specialist areas begin to cooperate and unite around a common goal.

When the whole brain is functioning with one voice harmoniously then the sum is far greater than the parts and the true potential of the student is unleashed. The activities take just a few minutes but ensure better concentration and greater participation.

Please note that this is a practical hands on course, taking place in Boyle


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