Concentration Booster


Despite what you have been told and experienced to date you have the ability to concentrate for long enough to learn, study and succeed in all that you do.

The problem is that most people think that concentration is a choice, or a matter of willpower. You know tat no matter how hard you try to concentrate you get distracted.

In your 30 minute concentration booster Padraig King will help you to understand why you were being distracted, how to change this and how to start focusing on what you need to concentrate on for longer and longer periods of time. 

Book your 30 minute concentration booster Zoom call now and start concentrating like you were always able to do, but sadly nobody showed you how to!



Emily is a successful makeup artist who once had concentration problems before spending time with Padraig King

Emily is a successful makeup artist who had concentration problems before spending time with Padraig King

Until I started to learn from Padraig King how to concentrate I lived with constant distraction and never finished anything.

I was not doing well and needed help.

I tried everything and everyone. He showed me why I was becoming distracted and helped me to switch off the internal distractions and to take control of the triggers that were constantly setting me off.

Now I have a good job, I am in a stable relationship and I am attending college as a mature student.

It is all due to time spent with Padraig King.

If you’re having concentration difficulties, if you’re having a problem focusing on one particular topic or one particular task and staying on task, then I can help you.
I’ve been through this myself and along the way I’ve learned many different strategies and coping mechanisms, but more importantly, I’ve learned about the brain and the way that it’s affected by the chemistry inside and how we can actually change the chemistry inside your brain in a natural simple way.
When we do this we can help your body to relax.
We can clear your mind so that you can focus your attention in a simple easy relaxing way.
I do this with people every single day like bringing new people into an understanding of how they can take control of their concentration on their focus, and I will be delighted to do it with you.
All have to do is click the link near this video.
I will be delighted to work with you and to help you to concentrate and to get the results that you deserve and that you are capable of but you’ve never known how to do it up to now.