Peace of Mind – Online Course


In under an hour Padraig King calms your body, relaxes and clears you mind and helps you to once again establish deep and lasting Peace of Mind.

This course is available online, on demand, and once you have registered,  it remains available to you.

Register now and access Peace of Mind straight away.


We all need an inner retreat. This video course guides you to relax and explore a safe and happy time, place and experience it with your whole being.

The benefits of relaxing in your safe and happy place daily can not be overstated as it can enable you to access all of your inner strengths, resources and wisdom.

Padraig King uses this safe and happy place as a resting place on your journey to help you to restore your body and mind so that you can move forwards leaving all your stresses and worries behind.

Relax, enjoy and reap the rewards as you take back more and more control of your life each day and experience Deep and lasting peace of mind in your own special and unique way.

(c) 2023 Copyright Padraig King

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