This is a 60-90 minute Zoom training session to help you experience and learn Padraig King’s approach to integrating the FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX for yourself, your family, and in your work.


The FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX is the deepest of all reflexes
Should it be, or become, un integrated into your neurology and physical body,  then it may limit your confidence, security and peace of mind, concentration, memory, decision making, self regulation and many other areas of your life.

These affect not only the person themselves,  but those who interact with them.

Every other reflex from the yawn, blink, grasp and swallow through to postural and developmental reflexes are all dependent on having this reflex  correctly integrated.

Without the FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX all other development is limited and severely restricted.

As we become bonded, connected and build experiences of success in childhood, we expand our comfort zone .

At the core of our phyisical, mental and emotional development lies  a comfort zone built on the fijndatilns of  the security, freedom and peace we experienced as a foetus in the womb.

If you, your partner, or your child have the FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX switched on right now, then it means that your (their) brain and body systems are using in a primitive survival state in the 21st century rather than common sense, past experience and wisdom. It transforms your luxe when this reflex is integrated.

The FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX is a collection of natural physical, chemical and neurological reactions that evolved over thousands or generations to protect our ancestors and the FEAR PARALYSIS REFLEX kept them alive in times of severe crisis.
The deepest reaction of all is being petrified- unable to move, breathe, think or feel.

When fully engaged thus protective reflex may limit your / their ability to think, move, and even to breathe as well as stopping the digestion of food. Other physical impacts may be and suppressing of appetite, self control, empathy and sensations.
It may also either totally remove your sense if danger or petrify your do much that you are paralysed by fear.

A long list of its impacts will be outlined during the ZOOM training event. These will be explained in context as you learn the method that I have developed for integrating it successfully. Thus method is safe, comforting and suitable for all ages.

I have used it successfully with thousands of children, teenagers,adults and seniors.

By resetting your neurology using the most natural physical activities it becomes possible to recreate in you a fresh connection to the tranquility and security you experienced in the womb as you floated there care free, and felt calm, relaxed and at peace.

Padraig King’s method for recapturing this peaceful state of body and mind is to regenerate the sensations and the chemistry in your body and brain that you experienced at that time, so that your subconscious can reconnect with this bedrock of your security, peace and confidence that lies within but may become hidden when we become overwhelmed, shocked or terrified .

The reconnecting can be immediate or happen gently and almost imperceptibly over the next three days and nights as it melts away your fears, anxieties, and stress patterns of thinking and behaviour, replacing g these with the freedom to think, feel, act and communicate in a more appropriate manner.

Many immediate and some slower changes may take place in your brain patterns, physical body avd in your internal chemistry . These may alter the way you approach life, your attitudes, thought patterns, beliefs, emotions, priorities, behaviours, and even the things we say to ourselves and share with others.

To experience this powerful transformation yourself and learn to apply it within your family, friends and in your current therapies (if working in a related area) book your place asap as this will be booked out shortly.

Only 6 places available at present .

This is a live stand-alone training that will be recorded live on Zoom and made available to download afterwards to participants and the anonymised recording ( names and personal details removed) will be made available for training purposes to others not able to attend in person on this live tracing event.

The fee for this transformation technique is usually €150, but as a valued client and with early bird booking discount, you can have one of the remaining places for €97, if paid in full before January 31st .

This live training event will be recorded so participation means that you are 100% willing to be recorded and appearing in the final production.