Join us for a brand new live SEMINAR where I show you how to Rapidly Boost your Business Brain 

Boosting your Energy, Drive and Enthusiasm

Boosting your Concentration and Focus

Boosting your Efficiency

Boosting your Productivity

Boosting the Chemistry of your brain and body naturally to empower and energise you

Boosting your Freedom and Happiness

Harness your racing mind. Make it work for you!

Take control of your business brain, your thoughts, emotions, behaviour and turn your reactions into rewarding responses.

Stand out as an industry leader who has the responsiveness, energy, drive, enthusiasm and the presence of mind required to achieve whatever you set out to accomplish.

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Running your own business? Managing a family, or small business?

Then, you know from experience what may happen when you are having a bad day!

The importance of being clear headed, grounded, focused and fully engaged in your business can not be overstated.

The rapid business brain boosters will be invaluable.

They will help you to shift away from the distractions of constantly reacting to the ever-changing world, and help you to become more intelligently responsive, and  in control.

Used often, the rapid business brain boosters will empower you to more,  so that you quickly and easily succeed,  where previously you met only with resistance and procrastination.

By applying them often throughout each day, you can change outcomes, increase your energy, vitality and freedom.

These Rapid Business Brain Boosters deliver quick, safe and dependable answers to overcome energy slumps, brain fog, mental blockages, self sabotage, and negativity.



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Even with your extensive experience, and knowledge, you may need some fast, effective, efficient and easy ways to boost your business brain  that can be applied in a minute or two, that will upgrade your thinking, help you take control of situations, and to power through your ever increasing workload, so that you may achieve outcomes that satisfy and reward you.

In this two hour interactive and energising training session with international consultant, trainer, coach and author, Padraig King, you can learn to immediately apply brain and body hacks that will deliver rapid returns on the time and energy that you invest. 

Be with us at the Spool Factory in Boyle at 7p.m. on Thursday, Aug 18th, to experience for yourself how quickly, safely, and easily you can take control of your thoughts, emotions, stop reacting, and better manage those sticky and awkward situations,  by boosting your business brain.

This is a highly interactive, hands-on event. Limited seats so that you enjoy a top quality experience.


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