Self Care and Mental Wellness Resources Available


Self Care Mental Wellness Resources Available from Padraig King

Self Care Mental Wellness Resources Available from Padraig King

Recently, I asked the members of our Facebook group what resources I could create to support them and the top request was an online video training program, and the second most popular item was a zoom session on the topic.

Well the fastest way to deliver what people want was to offer an online session and as everybody was already in the group I thought that the easiest thing would be to run a live session in the group last Monday at 1pm and I did.

However, tragedy struck, or so it seemed at the time!

I have done hundreds of live FaceBook video sessions and zoom meetings, webinars and YouTube sessions etc but this had to be the most challenging ever.

It was next to impossible to get a steady internet connection for starters, then the room-link that I had shared for watching the live session failed to let people in. Not not be outsmarted by technology, I set up another room and shared this link. As it happens only one participant made it into the room to be live with me. Wouldn’t you know it the connection broke a number of times so she had top log out and in as I had to do myself. The result was that the video recording was useless. Luckily I had been recording the audio separately and after deleting the unprintable parts I set about using the transcript as the basis for a fresh recording.

Once I had finished rerecording I realised that this video was perfect material for a the self care online video training program that the group members had been looking for.

I have edited it, cleaned i9t up a bit and had the green screen removed so it looks a little better than the video above.

To access the Self Care online Video Program just join our FaceBook group and enjoy free access to the full training.

Here you can also access my eBook comprised of the transcripts from the videos and extra information. You can get it in the group.

After a number of requests I created an mp3 recording of the visualisation used in the training program so that you can relax, tune in and allow your body and brain to ease into mental wellness. You can get it in the group.

Not only did I get to deliver the live session, create the online training videos but we now have a downloadable eBook and mp3 also.

The universe works in mysterious ways especially when you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, and for the right reasons! Now Click Here to join our group and access these free resources.