Move Forward Now


Feeling stuck?
Feel Trapped?
Life taking you nowhere?
“Move Forwards Now” is just what you need!
Is this program really for me?

Move Forward Now is perfect for you if you want clarity about what you are supposed to be doing to live you life to your true potential.


What is the main reason I need to attend? 

Because you really want to Move Forward Now and to start living peacefully, happily, meaningfully and feeling fulfilled.

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Why do I need this?

To help you to

• access your inner wisdom about who you are,
• how best to be yourself and
• how to make the choices that honour the real you!
• Safely and easily make the best choices to move forwards in your life at work, at home, in sport, education as well as in your relationships.


Will this program bring out the best in me?

The entire program is based on the principle that you innately know what is good for you as an individual and you intuitively recognise what sets you free to fulfill your primary purpose in life what will bring you the deepest levels of satisfaction and peace.


What Topics will we be covering ? 

• How to become peaceful, calm relaxed and happy in your self
• How to recover your self confidence
• How to determine what your true purpose and direction in life
• How to become a human dynamo generating the inner drive and resilience you will need to pursue your deepest dreams
• How to switch on your whole being as one unit
• How to love and accept yourself no matter what
• How to break free of self limiting beliefs
• How to Eliminate your Fear of Failure
• How to move forwards now


What do I need to attend?

Requires no previous knowledge or experience. You don’t even need the guts to make the changes just have the willingness and let me, Padraig King , do the rest.


How do I  sign up? 

Sign up now at and we will contact you .

Get the confidence, certainty and peace of mind you need to move forward now on your true path in life.

While this program is for individuals, it is also available occasionally as a small group experience. It is always a god idea to find a buddy or small group of like minded people who will be able to support you throughout your journey a special discount can be arranged for pairs and small groups signing up to Move Forward Now together.


When can I start?

Sign up now and start today!


What if I miss a session?

Should you miss part of my live session you can catch up with the recording.

Usually only what Padraig King says is recorded during the session.


What Guarantees do I get? 

This program works on a Self responsibility model – you will need to practice what I show you in each session for the following week to reinforce the changes made during the live call.

However, if at the end of your 10 sessions you have attended and can show that you participated fully and fully applied the program in your life and yet, you still have not experienced a change in how you think, feel, behave or communicate with others then you may apply for a refund or an extension at a reduced rate.


How accessible is this program?

Most of this program can be done while sitting or lying down but some brief standing may be required occasionally.

However, if you can not stand at all, you will get a one to one tuition session to give you a way around this.


How will it be delivered?

This live training will be delivered through a private calls on Zoom, FaceTime, Signal or WhatsApp.- whichever suits you best.

The 10 week program will be grounded in in my Deep Relaxation and Empowerment strategies for your body and mind as well as  drawing on my other programs for self regulation, goal setting and achievement.

Using the simplest of activities and visualisations you will be guided to move forward  now from wherever ever you are at present to where you really want to be, in the safest, easiest and most appropriate way for you.

Sign up now as places are limited.


What if I have questions that are not answered here? 

WhatsApp / Facebook Message Padraig King at +353861723510 or email

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