Reserve your Premium Peace of Mind Experience with Padraig King
Reserve your Premium Confidence Experience with Padraig King
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Reserve your Premium Peace of Mind Experience with Padraig King
Premium Experience of Total Relaxation with Padraig King While we rush about, our systems remain in Fight or Flight mode creating cortisol, testosterone and other stress chemicals inside that change our mood, and our relationship with food. To relax fully and clear you mind is the natural end to every day, but do you? Learn to totally relax, and reset your brain and body, so that you become the responsive and productive you, that thrives rather than just survives and lives your best life now.

Premium Experience of Inner Peace


If you have been searching for peace of mind then you may have spent countless hours and wasted a small fortune looking for the way to Peace of Mind that will be tailor made for you.

Padraig King provides premium expereinces for busy women who need to be heard, seen and understood. creates a unique experience every time.

He will listen to you attentively, help you to find the real root cause or causes of your distress, and in minuites begin to guide you to experience enjoy real and lasting inner Peace of Mind.

With his magical voice, relaxing manner, and his easy understanding of how you think and feel you will enjoy real Peace of Mind, straight away.

Premium Experiences with Padraig King are available exclusively on Zoom. In this way you remain secure in the safety and convenience of your own home, office, or wherever you you choose to be as you experience true Peace of Mind.

Book your premium session and see just how wonderful an experience it will be.


  • Inner Peace is essential for living in today’s busy world. Unless you feel grounded, centrer and calm inside then the rush of activity and distractions willl wear you down.
  • Don’t waste your energy looking for Inner Peace anywhere but deep inside of yourself.
  • Padraig King is the perfect person to guide and support you to inner peace and has a lifetie of experience in helping busy women to relax and feel at peace internally and express this in the way they chooose to live, laugh, love and excel.
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Premium Experiences are also available for small group and corporate events for busy women. Enquire


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