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Restore Your Peace of Mind with Padraig King

Restore your Peace of Mind

How to Have Peace of Mind- Padraig King delivers four simple activities and a six minute visualisation to help you have peace of mind in an ever changing world. This is a recording from a live zoom presentation delivered on 15-3-2022 It ends with a guided visualisation, which is also supplied separately as a bonus video, so that you can click and close your eyes as Padraig King takes you on a short journey along the water's edge to calm your body, relax your mind and focus your energy on Peace of Mind. Running Order: 00:00 Introduction – 2 Main Sources of Distress that affect people right now (March 2022) 03:45 Beginning - Many people have become insecure, but you can take back control 5:47 Activity 1 - Imprint your positivity and Peace into the water you take 8:31 Activity 2 - Inhale the intention of peace and positivity with your oxygen 11:50 Activity 3 – Filter your Thoughts 13:47 Summary - Revised the first 3 Activities 14:48- Activity 4 – Stress Release Holds to the front and back of your head 15:57 Visualisation - Relax into stillness and enjoy a stroll on the beach to refresh your body, mind and soul 19:30 Still-point in the Visualisation 22:02 End

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