Terms and Conditions: 2022


All bookings are taken in good faith. Only prepaid bookings are confirmed. Where a deposit has been paid the balance must be paid in full before commencement of your time with Padraig King.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed:

If you are unhappy during your time with Padraig King then please let him know so that he can satisfy your needs.

Refunds or extra time can only be arranged on the basis of your full disclosure at the time and your clear reasons for being unhappy with the service /training you are receiving. Padraig King will do his best to accommodate you and if a refund is the only option then a 90% refund will be issued in due course. The 10% withheld relates to banking fees, administrations costs and other expenses. No refunds can be entertained after the event.


Throughout our time together you may be photographed, videoed or recorded as part of our training and feedback . These recordings and images are used to help you recognise the changes that are taking place and to offer a before and after comparison.

These recordings and images may be held and stored for seven years by Padraig King to provide backup, training and feedback for you and other attendees.

Registration form clearly states that audio and visual recordings will be made and photographs will be taken and once registered such consent may not be withdrawn.

Where possible, these will be shared to you.

Personal Responsibility:

We operate a model of self responsibility that places the onus on you to ask questions, get clarifications and seek answers on the spot for matters arising and material that you don’t understand.

Part of the model of responsibility is that you are present, ready and punctual for sessions and that you treat others with respect.