• Effectively regulate your thoughts and emotions so you can avoid getting overwhelmed and protect your peace

  • Gain clarity and focus, which will help you make better decisions and take self-assured action in the face of adversity

  • Develop a stronger sense of self-awareness that will help you identify your triggers and allow you to respond rather than react

  • Build the confidence and drive to pursue your dreams and goals, without letting fear or self-doubt stand in your way

What is in this for me?

In this course I'm going to be helping you, over a period of time, to take back control of your life, to claim  that the control that you've lost in your life. 
So, whether this control is in the area of your  work your personal relationships or whether it's in regards your energy your time or your  resources this is the right place for you. 
I will be taking you through a process of  transformation that will allow you to leave behind the old patterns, the old thinking patterns, the  old movement patterns, the old habits that you had that caused you to stay stuck in this state.

Why You Need This

I'm not only helping you to move forward from here and to begin to create the kind of life that you want for yourself, but the freedom with the joy, with the happiness and with all of the  things that you need to feel successful calm relaxed and in control of your life.
So, if this sounds like what you want then I'm delighted to have you here and I will be hoping  that over the next period of time that you will help yourself to move out of where you're at. I will guide you. I will support you. I will encourage you. I will do everything,  but you have to want this. 

84% of people will never do this

Part of the process is helping you to  recognize your needs your wants your desires and to identify what is actually  a priority for you, because so often we have aspirations we have ideas we have dreams we  have hopes but we never do anything about them, we never do anything about changing them. It's like making a resolution on New Year's Eve: 
“I’m going to lose weight”. “I’m going to go to the gym”. 
“I'm going to be this; I’m going to be that”. “I'm going to do something different …” 
In fact, 84 of people don't follow  through on those resolutions. 
Within a week most of them have actually  disappeared, most of those ideas. 
We get used to doing this. When we've done it in the first year and it didn't work out for us then we get into the  habit of believing that this is the way life is, that we don't have the willpower, we  don't have the self-control, we don't have the strength to actually make the change.

16% will try and fail to change their lives because they lack commitment

The truth of the matter is that 16% of people actually go forward and they keep going  until they meet a tragedy or a calamity or something that really scrambles their brain  and then they may slip back into the old habits. 
It's like if you see somebody who gets seriously distressed and they returned to smoking or to drinking after being offer these  for a long period of time, you know that they just slip back into the old patterns.

Get the help and support you need to be part of the 2% that always succeed

Two percent of the people will always achieve the goals that they set.
They will carry out their resolutions, and they will achieve the results that they want.

Now if you want to be part of the two percent, then you're in the right place, because I will show you

  1. exactly what  you need to do
  2. how you need to do it
  3. when you need to do it
  4. and if you're willing to do those activities that I'm going to give you, and if you're willing to follow my guidance, then we will take you through the process, step by step.
  5. We will take you through the entire change that's  required in your thinking, in your behaviour, in your emotions, in the chemistry within your  brain and your body, and everything else that's required in order for you to change who you are  right now,  to a being a person who's in control of your life, in control of your energy,  in control of your time, and in control  of your attention, in control of your emotions.
If you want this then you're in the right place.
Book your seat now for your journey into your future!

What if I never finish what I start?

This program supports and encourages you day by day to stay grounded, centred and connected to your goal.

This course has the following elements to support and empower you like never before:

  • 16 prerecorded videos that you can play over and over, day or night
  • a workbook that invites you to discover who you really are and what you are capable of
  • a daily journal that prompts you to stay on track
  • weekly live calls with course creator and presented, Padraig King 
  • the support of a group of like minded people
  • continuous support for 90 days to ensure that you don't quit but change your ways

What if I'm too busy at the moment?

If you are too busy to take back control of your life then you need to take a good hard look in the mirror and realise that there is only one of you.

You get one shot at living this life and you are either going to be in control of your life of let others control you. (How's that working out for you?)

This is your life(not theirs, not your partner's, your kid's, your work's your committee's ).

If you are  living your best life right now then you don't need this course, but if you are no in control of what you think, feel, say and do and you dont have the energy, time and resources to be you , then it is time to wise up.

You can remain a dog's-body, a victim of circumstances, at the mercy of the whims and  beck and call of others, or you can take back control somehow. 

This course is made for you because it has grown from the desire to help you take back control of your life in the safest, fastest and most wonderfully simple way, day by day. 

Take a breath and realise that you are allowing the world around you to use up your time, energy, and resources.

If you continue like this it will not end well. 

This course is designed for busy people like you, to help you get grounded, centered, resourced, and to become your whole self.

When you are fully energised, calm, and in control of your thought, emotions, actions and words, you will make better decisions, waste far less time, set your boundaries, clarify your priorities, and be far more productive and creative.

You will be focusing on a reward that is more important to you than the satisfaction of any distraction, or person,  that sucks away your energy, freedom, power and  life force at present. 

This is your time. Use it well. Book in now and get back control of your life.

Is it expensive

Q: I know this course will accelerate my personal growth, but isn’t it expensive?

How much is peace of mind worth to you? 10, 50 , 100, 1000, 

Most agree that no matter what they paid for this course they got more bang for their buck than ever before. 

This course is jam packed with value. 

Apart from the 16 videos, 12 modules, 4 levels , bonus videos, audios, workbook, journal and 0 days of support, you get to spend time with the most important person in your life - yourself. You get to put aside 5 or 1 minutes for yourself each day to relax and learn to live in a happier and healthier way. No running, walking or diets involved.

This is all about reshaping the inner you. 

Later this year this course will become $997 but you won’t even have to pay even  half of that if you take up this special limited-time offer of €297.

You get lifetime access to the materials, bonuses, and the private Whatsapp group* where Padraig King posts the bonuses, guidance and  group support—all these for €297, just a third of the actual price.

Enroll now  SAVE  €200 


*( The Whatsapp group has a maximum of  9 people, all working on taking back control of their lives -just like you)

USP : How is this different from all the other courses?

Take Back Control of Your Life will show you how to harness the power of your own brain chemistry to shift your thoughts, emotional reactions, and behaviours.  

The result? 

You’ll be more confident and empowered—ready to take on any challenge as you move closer to your goals and the life you desire. 

This isn’t a quick fix or a gimmick… 

Instead, it’s a compassionate and effective approach that can help you transform your life from the inside out. 

Let this course help you in your journey to self-regulation and to take back control of your life.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

The only goal of this course is your satisfaction and transformation. 

So, when you register for this online course, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you don’t experience any change at all in your thought patterns, emotional responses, and behaviours even after completing every Module and all activities throughout the 30 days, then you will be eligible for a full refund.

Alternatively, you may choose to book a 1:1 session with me at no cost to you so I can personally facilitate you to move forward.

Take advantage of this zero-risk opportunity today

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