Why Should I Ask You to Help Me With My Anxiety?


I’m often asked “Padraig, can you help me with my stress and anxiety ?” The short answer is yes. My speciality is Switching OFF Anxiety and Stress. I can do this safely, easily and quickly because I understand anxiety from the inside out! Book a free call and see how I can help you. 📲FREE CALL

For years I lived in constant fear, stressed and anxious. I didn’t need anyone to bully me! I was doing a great job myself and it kept on running night and day, until I changed…. Instead of a nonstop competition running day and night between my self-justification monologue, a vengeance monologue, a self reproach and self loathing dialogue and other other negative voices all shouting at me in my mind!

From the age of four I experienced serious anxiety because my parents uprooted is from a city suburb where I was fully integrated and I had to start from scratch in a new rural village, where I stood out as a stranger, with a different accent. I had to join a class half way through the year and switch languages as I was moving from an all Irish  speaking school to a school where English was the language used for everything. I had just gotten used to speaking and going everything through Irish and now I had to start all over again in English learning new terms and words and attempt to keep up with the class.

I had to switch writing style from cursive script to printing and I found this amazingly difficult. Not only did I have undiagnosed dyslexia but I had dysgraphia which was masked while I was using the “joined writing” but meant that I struggled to produce legible printed letters and words.

Later, I was shipped off to boarding school and from the very first night I was bullied, first by the priest in charge of our dormitory and later by many others who fed off my anxiety.

My inferiority complex was bigger than I was at 11 years of age and I was already 11 stone weight and six feet one inch tall !!

I stood out as I was a full chest,  head and shoulders taller than many students in my year and I found it impossible to fit in or mix with my peers.

I became a loner and buried myself in the library reading novels to escape my harsh reality .

My anxiety grew with every passing year as I found I had to work 4 or 5 times harder than others to learn, retain and   complete the reading, writing and other tasks in college. Because I had grown so tall at such an early age my muscles were strained so I couldn’t get fit despite training harder and longer than others .

Because I was so anxious and sensitive some teachers decided they should toughen me up and made it their business to pick on me everyday. Others were more understanding but I lived in constant fear, with a competition went on day and night between my self-justification monologue, a vengeance monologue, a self reproach and self loathing, never amount to anything, and other negative  monologues all shouting at me in my mind! I didn’t need anyone to bully me! I was doing a great job myself and it kept on running night and day.

My speciality is Switching OFF Anxiety because I understand anxiety from the inside out!

I have studied it, lived with it, and finally managed to control and  eliminate anxiety and stress using my learning, deep understanding and insights .

I eventually figured out that anxiety was not a trick of the mind, as much as a physical reaction to real or perceived threats.

Then I found and kept modifying activities to make my body feel secure, safe and cozy no matter where I was. This inner security triggered my cells, glands and organs to change from producing stress chemicals to making secure and happy chemicals. These generated a different kind of thought pattern in my mind centred around positivity and finally gave me peace of mind and clarity . Then I found that the negativity and stress, anxiety and internal pressures could all be controlled by simply calming my body in a particularly safe way that I could use everywhere and at every time of day.

People around me started to comment on the wonderful difference they could see in me and in how calm, relaxed and happy I seemed.

Soon I began to shape a new kind of future for myself that was built on my growing confidence and I became braver every day. I took on all those fears I used to have and  realised that my life did not have to be that same old way. I could and did choose a better path forwards and once I began to set goals for myself in a SMARTER way, I began to achieve my potential, live like I had always wanted to, and best of all I was making my dreams come true!

Part of my dream life is sharing my way to switch off anxiety and stress with you.  I get great satisfaction from guiding people just like you to repattern your neurology with new pathways of thinking, acting, feeling and speaking about yourself, your life and the way you live in your world.

I have been privileged to do exactly this with thousands of my clients who now live calmer, more relaxed and peaceful lives on their own terms. Book a Free Call and find out how I can help you to overcome your fears, stress and anxieties.

They are far richer for having learned to “Transform Your Stress to Peace of Mind”.

They have an abundance of positivity, peace, happiness and ease.

They enjoy an abundance of time and resources and can spend these with family, friends and on their creative and adventurous projects.

Find out if this is for you with a free call 📲FREE CALL

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