Why Self-Care is Essential for Mental Wellness


 Why Self Care is Critical for Mental Wellness 

To be your true self, to be calm, relaxed, and at peace within yourself and with those around you, you must first become self-full. Self-fullness is the art of maintaining your energy, your power, and your peace at optimum levels so that when you share with others you are sharing the excess, the overflow of energy that wells up within you. Rather than emptying the well that sustains you, you share the overspill as the abundance of the universe fills you to overflowing.  

Self-fullness is not selfishness or being full of yourself, but merely ensures that you can be your full self and that when you have excess energy, time, and other resources, that you can share these freely with other people and that you can pursue your own life, pursue your own dreams, and that you have the energy, the enthusiasm, and the passion for life that enables you to succeed.  

I promote the idea of self-fullness and I hope that in this training you will be filled with energy, positivity, passion, and peace, that will enable you to be self-full.

When you are caring for yourself and self-full, then you will be in the best possible position to share with others and to live your life in a meaningful, happy way, and it will allow you to prosper and to pursue your dreams.  

This is just one video from the Self-Care for Mental Wellness program available now