Pathway to Wisdom and Truth


Each of us has an inner Wisdom.  This wisdom guides and directs you, if you allow it, will lead to your inner peace, harmony and truth.

If you have been searching for wisdom in promptingsigns then you may have gone astray frequently because the busy mind is easily distracted and may lack discernment.

Learning to listen or tune in to your inner guidance and wisdom requires you to relax, become quiet and still inside.

Calming your body, stilling your mind, accessing your inner peace, wisdom and truth allows you to  start living your life in a way that fulfils your true potential and satisfies your quest to live meaningfully.

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Here is my understanding of the  path to Wisdom.

Pathway to Wisdom and Truth
Padraig King

Out of the stillness comes the clarity.

Out of the clarity comes the vision.

Out of the vision comes the inspiration.

Our if the inspiration comes the energy.

Out of the energy comes the emotion.

Out of the emotion comes the movement.

Out of the movement comes the learning.

Out of the learning comes the wisdom.

Out of the wisdom comes the peace.

Out of the peace comes the stillness and truth. 

©️Padraig King 2021 –

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