Need help to Concentrate?

PADRAIG KING Specialises in helping you to concentrate and to calmly achieve your best results
PADRAIG KING specialises in helping you be calm, relaxed, focused, and happy as you achieve your goals and live meaningfully

By specialising in helping you to concentrate better I can help you settle in to study, learn more, remember what you need to successfully sit your exams and achieve your best outcomes.

By learning how to be calm, relaxed and to take control of your emotions,  you can change the chemistry in your brain and body.

The perfect blend of chemicals to make great concentration possible is not easy to achieve unless you are being guided by an expert in the field who has successfully helped thousands of people to achieve the results that they wanted.


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How I Learned to Concentrate

For many years my  personal challenge was poor concentration, confused memory and difficulty understanding what I was reading.

My struggles with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, and my poor self-confidence caused me deep frustration, anger, despair, fear, stress, and anxiety for many years.

Eventually, I realised that I needed to find a better way to live and learn.

That was when I began to study Brain Gym, Kinesiology, Reflexes, Neuroscience and the psychology of learning.

I learned many proven strategies.

However, over time, I developed my own faster and more effective ways to concentrate, memorise and communicate.

This has enabled me, and you if you as well if you choose to allow me to help you,  to learn more easily, and to communicate what you know in the most effective ways.

My journey from the misery of failure in secondary school, to a top level Master’s Degree in Education was a  difficult one, but very rewarding.

Along the way I learned that I was not alone in my challenges with concentration, memory,  dyslexia, and other conditions.

Always empathetic and willing to listen to others, I found that by teaching others my shortcuts and strategies,  these people  made real and positive differences to their lives.

My mission is to help you to take control of your concentration.

I have also got strategies that will help you achieve your goals; and to feel calm, relaxed, and happy as you live a meaningful and
fulfilling life doing what you love.

I am confident that I have strategies, shortcuts, and activities to help you overcome your personal challenges with concentration.

Your Questions Answered

Frequently Answered Questions answered by Padraig King 
about his work with exam students and others in the areas of
concentration, distraction and getting focused for success.

Can you help me to concentrate ?

Each session is a one to one Zoom session with me.

In each session I explore with you where your strengths and challenges lie. You will be shown one or two  simple activities that have proven to be very successful at eliminating these and similar  challenges.

Once eliminated you will experience a new power and energy for concentration.

Each session is recorded and you receive a copy to download.

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Why can’t I concentrate ?

The short answer is that your brain and body will not allow you to concentrate because your attention and energy are required by those parts of you that are dealing will a major stress.

By helping you to eliminate this stress we can redirect the resources of your brain and body so that you can have total focus on your study.

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How long will it take ?

Depending on the severity of your distraction it may take a number of sessions to help you eliminate all of the things that are pulling away your attention form what you wish to study or focus on.

For some students it takes just one or two sessions.

A set of 10 sessions sessions is recommended for other. These may be taken over an extended period.

A set of 10 sessions  ensure that you gives you a guaranteed time each week to suit your schedule.
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What is involved?

Each session is a one to one Zoom session with me.

In each session I explore with you where your strengths and challenges lie. You will be shown one or two  simple activities that have proven to be very successful at eliminating these and similar  challenges.

Once eliminated you will experience a new power and energy for concentration.

Each session is recorded and you receive a copy to download.

How much does it cost for a session ?

Concentration is a priceless skill that is essential for success in today’s world. Sessions  may be short or longer de[pending on your particular needs.

You may book a single session (€70 for up to 30 minutes), or a set of 10 sessions can be arranged  for €597

What you will need can only be established when we have spoken in person on the phone or in your free zoom call.

Book your free call now and let’s find the answer to this question for you.

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Free Consultation with Padraig King

Let me help you to get the results that you really want.
Book a Free phone or video Consultation with me, Padraig King.
Using my knowledge and expertise, gained over a lifetime of helping people like you, to achieve their true potential, let’s help you begin to achieve the results you deserve, rather than what you face right now.
Simply pick a time when both of us are available.
Fill in a few contact details.
Then relax, and I’ll do the rest.

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Ready Set Go

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🏆Improve your physical performance
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Studying for exams- get the support you need to concentrate, focus and remember so that you can perform at your peak every time!

Studying for Exams

get the benefit of my experience all you have to do is book a free call with me and I will be delighted to discuss with you how I can help you and how I can help you can help yourself with simple practical activities that relax your body, calm your mind and help you leave worthy, panic and anxiety far behind.

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Are You Feeling Under Pressure?

Feeling under pressure? Let Padraig King help you take back your energy, freedom and peace of mind. The visualisation offered here is designed to help you move beyond fear and into a space where your mind is energised, creative and clear. In this space possibilities abound and it is here that you can clearly find solutions that elude you while fear grips you and blocks you from achieving success.

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Learn to be the boss of your time with Padraig King

Be the Boss of Your Time

People think time is marching on and completely outside of their control. It is high time to burst that myth and take control of your time. Wise people in every culture know how to master time. It is part of what makes them wise. In my journey to find Peace of Mind I discovered how it is possible to manipulate time and make it work for you. Instead of being a slave to time, turn the tables on it and make it serve your purposes. Manage your time better, reduce wasted effort and focus on what matters. These may sound like crazy words but I’m confident that you will not just be able to master time, but make it work for you! Learn more , earn more, live more, sleep more, have more free time !

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Restore Your Peace of Mind with Padraig King

Restore your Peace of Mind

How to Have Peace of Mind- Padraig King delivers four simple activities and a six minute visualisation to help you have peace of mind in an ever changing world.

This is a recording from a live zoom presentation delivered on 15-3-2022

It ends with a guided visualisation, which is also supplied separately as a bonus video, so that you can click and close your eyes as Padraig King takes you on a short journey along the water’s edge to calm your body, relax your mind and focus your energy on Peace of Mind.

Running Order:
00:00 Introduction – 2 Main Sources of Distress that affect people right now (March 2022)
03:45 Beginning – Many people have become insecure, but you can take back control
5:47 Activity 1 – Imprint your positivity and Peace into the water you take
8:31 Activity 2 – Inhale the intention of peace and positivity with your oxygen
11:50 Activity 3 – Filter your Thoughts
13:47 Summary – Revised the first 3 Activities
14:48- Activity 4 – Stress Release Holds to the front and back of your head
15:57 Visualisation – Relax into stillness and enjoy a stroll on the beach to refresh your body,
mind and soul
19:30 Still-point in the Visualisation
22:02 End

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Peace of Mind - Free Webinar with Padraig King

Peace of Mind – Free Webinar

Book your place at
Everyone deserves peace of mind.

But, is the war in the Ukraine stressing or upsetting you?

Or, are the recent rapid energy price rises worrying you?

Do you feel anxious and frightened by the rapid changes in your life?

Then you need the reassurance that can only come from deep inside of yourself.

If you need the help of a professional to access this hidden reserve of self confidence, groundedness and peace then may I invite you to attend the free webinar at 11 am on Tuesday March 15th where in a half hour I will guide you to calm down, relax and restore your peace of mind.

Please share this information with friends, family and anyone else who is feeling the pressure right now.

Register for one of the limited places now and share this far and wide.

Everyone deserves peace of mind.

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Thank you for booking your first session of 10

Thank you for booking your first session of 10 with me. I will do my best to support you in every way possible during our time together and I will be as committed to your progress as you are.
If you have questions, comments, or feedback then please message me directly on +353861723510. I’ll respond asap.

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Build Your Best Brain with Padraig King

Opportunity Knocks

10 x 30 minute Calls with Padraig King Book 10 half hour sessions to get consistent results and breakthrough to success in double quick time.

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Easily Build Your Best Brain Training Program

Over 5 hours of one to one training with Padraig King to help you Build Your Best Brain . Calls will be on Zoom and duration will be 30 or 60 minutes on each occasion. | The program is usually delivered over 5 hours spread across a number of weeks, at your pace. . |Clear your mind of clutter and unwanted thoughts | Set real goals for the new you | Activate and energise your whole brain | Improve memory | Boost concentration | Increase positivity | Develop Peace of Mind

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